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Together we can do more.

An education for every child is the most sustainable solution for our planet. ConCultures has been supporting United World Schools since 2013 with selected school projects in Nepal and Cambodia. With our assistance, through fundraising, UWS has built 311+ schools for 63,000+ children since 2008. We are committed to UWS because they methodically build and maintain education centres in conjunction with governments and local people.

ConCultures is a registered charitable organisation dedicated to supporting United World Schools in their mission to provide education to underserved communities. We aim to raise funds through various events and initiatives. The Move4Education program is a student lead initiative specifically designed for schools. This empowers students to effectively engage and thrive in their learning journeys.

For school projects and how to donate find the link below.

Find out more about the school model and the UWS success. (PDF)

Every school needs help between 5-7 years.

We collect donations to finance the construction and annual operating costs of UWS schools in Nepal and Cambodia, where they are urgently needed.

There are currently five schools in critical need of donations.

In Nepal: Baraharukh (since 2020), Mabir(since 2020) Bulma (since 2021), Timure (from 2024) and Kawa (from 2024)

In Cambodia: O'Swy (since 2016) in transition to the state.

We are specifically looking for new partners and schools for our two newest projects Timure and Kawa. With €12,000 per year they finance the running of an entire school. 120 children receive a primary school certificate with the prospect of access to a secondary state school. We have been successfully financing the construction of the schools for many years through donations from the Reiner Meutsch Foundation Fly&Help.Quality, inclusion and equality are integral elements of every UWS school.

With ConCultures and UWS, 83 percent of your donation goes directly to our schools. All ConCultures employees work on a voluntary basis. We transfer 100 percent of your donation to UWS and UWS only deducts 17 percent for marketing and promotion.

Your donations do make such a difference.

For €2 a child receives a week of school lessons and a hot lunch. For €120.00 a child goes to school for a year and a teacher earns €1,500 a year.

Our supporters include various schools in Germany. Whether it's a Christmas concert at the Wachenberg elementary school or the annual charity day or fundraising run at the Holzkirchen State High School or the online art auction at Berlin-Brandenburg-International School.


Donations by bank transfer

Donations by bank transfer

ConCultures eV donation account: IBAN: DE31702501500010424760 Kreissparkasse München-Starnberg-Ebersberg

Purpose: Name and address of the donor and password. For non-project-related donations, please specify UWS Nepal or Cambodia or generally.

For donations of up to €300, your deposit receipt and this simplified proof of donation as a printout are sufficient for the tax office. For larger amounts, we will be happy to send you a donation receipt.

2024 fundraising projects and events

The list is continually updated.

ConCultures Charity Garden concert "Jazz4Education" in Sauerlach, 6 pm.; Password Jazz4Bulma

Further commitments that ConCultures supports:

Bintang-Bolong School in Gambia: Password: Bintang-Bolong


Further information: UWS