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Run4Education (R4E) ist eine Schülerinitiative von fünf internationalen Schulen in Berlin. ConCultures begleitet die Schulen und Schüler.  Der erste R4E fand am 07. Oktober 2022 mit großem Erfolg statt. Diese Seite ist eine Plattform für Schüler, Lehrer und weitere Ansprechpartner des R4E in Berlin. Da die Berliner Schulen englisch-sprachig sind, ist die Seite zunächst nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Die Übersetzung dieser Webseite auf Deutsch folgt.

Wir freuen uns über jeden, der diese Seite liest. Denn wir planen weitere R4E-Hubs in anderen Städten und Regionen in Deutschland. Interessierte Schüler, Lehrer, Schulen können sich gern melden, um mehr zu erfahren.

Also gern lesen, uns konkaktieren und mitmachen.

Students, Schools, Companies: united power for a better world.

The idea of R4E: Uniting power, skills,creativity and experience create a higher impact for a better more sustainable world, we all need.  Run4Education is a student initiative, uniting students, schools and companies under a common goal. Education is the key to empowerment for all children around the world, but education is not accessible for all.

Run4Education aims to support the United World Schools Mission Teach the Unreached, a movement to give life opportunities to some of the poorest children  living in marginalized remote communities of the world.

At the same time as empowering students of our western world to become active global leaders, learning important (soft-)skills our future world needs.

Education: Not a privilege but standard!

"We run, they learn” - The R4E-Student Team across BBIS, BCS, BMS, BBS und BIS chose this as their motto for the first R4E 2022 in Berlin. It took place on October 7th, 2022 at the Hangar1, the airfield of the former airport Berlin-Tempelfhof."Education is a human right. If we see injustice, we are obliged to take a stand against it", Maya A. Dannenberg, BCS Berlin. 250 from grade 11/12 met to have fun, run and fundraise. The conclusion from all: we want to go on, because it is a win-win for all.

This year we raised around 20.000 EUROS - that will cover the annual schoolfees for 200 girls in UWS-Schools in Cambodia and Nepal. Children and families of indigenous people get a voice through education. UWS is a brand for developing education, providing sustainable&systematic change in the poorest regions of the world.

Please follow the project on Instagram @run_4_education, 100 percent run by students, and on the UWS website. Photos/videos of the event will follow soon.



R4E, your CAS or Social Project: What to expect?

The R4E-Project is about setting up the event and working on Pr/Promotion to establish it as an attractive brandname companies would like to invest in. You will work in a team with students across many schools, allowing you to contribute according your skills and time. Online-Meetings will be scheduled over a planning period of approx 9 month. You will be coached and supported by ConCultures/UWS and your CAS-Coordinator.


UWS offers you some interesting benefits, like a network and online plattforms/webinars from United World Schools connecting with international students around the world. You are invited to a student ambassador project placement in UWS schools in Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar or Madagaskar and UWS submits certificates.

R4E Berlin 2023 / Students, please register now!

10/11/12 grade students from BBIS,BCS,BMS,BIS,BBS please join now. Your are taking over from your class mates. Start will be January 2023.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways: contact the R4E-Students or CAS-Coordinator at your school or Amelie von Borries from ConCultures.

If you would like to find out more about the R4E event 2022 in Berlin, follow @run_4_education or or click

Be your most creative self!
You are the initiators. What you want to contribute is very much up to you and your team. We at ConCultures and teachers from each school are here to support your ideas! All questions are allowed, and we will also bring in outside experts if the you think you will need it. The previous R4E student team is your most important contact.

Try yourself at a new skill!
Learn about project management, communication and media, global leadership, get insights into ssuccessfull concepts like UWS Teach The Unreached and witness yourself how much you can contribute to give life opportunities to children, families and whole communities in need.

Learn how to acquire and maintain sponsorships

Companies are major players in supporting your goals by investing in R4E as their CSR-Project: you are in contact with them to present where the money was invested in.

ConCultures is responsible for finding new and maintaining a relationship with long-term corporate investors for R4E. You will be assisting ConCultures and getting an insight in professional fundraising.

"Run4Education is potential that will change the future: a strong community of young students and experienced partners who work together for something as important as fair education worldwide. Education is the key to sustainable solutions for poverty, climate protection and migration. We as CARRIER 53' are happy to support this great initiative."

Willem-Alexander Dous, CEO & Managing Partner at CARRIER53`Shipping GmbH


Why you should join R4: a little encouragement from one of our students

By Jeremy B. (BIS), R4E-Team 2022/23:


R4E projectmanager:; mobil: +491702008845

R4E Head of Student Outreach: Margarethe C. Reinhardt; mobil: +49 17683693763; Maya Alexandra Dannenberg; mobil: +4917648775000